Psychrometic Chart

The psychrometric chart corresponds to Richard Mollier’s h-x diagram. It shows changes in the moisture content of air and requirements imposed on room conditioning by the outdoor climate. In the international context the temperatures are given on the x-axis, while their absolute humidity levels are given on the y-axis. The graph curves represent levels of relative humidity. The psychrometric chart enables the allocation of a location to a climate zone with regard to building climatology and roomconditioning. For comparision,  the common climate diagram according to Walther, Lieth makes temperature and rainfall visible.

Climate diagrams. The presentation of the parameters outdoor air temperature and absolute humidity in the h,x-diagram or psychrometric chart is possible for different periods (daytime, nighttime, day and night).


Psychrometric Chart
The analysis of the paramaters outdoor air temperature and absolute humidity allows the allocation of the local climate to a climate zone and shows possible room conditioning measurements for a comfortable room climate. With the common climate diagrams this allocation is not possible.