The course of the sun during the day and over the year is an important parameter when planning sunshading concepts, laying out the orientation and the distance between buildings, estimating daylight concepts as well as planning solar energy systems. The ClimateTool enables determining the solar radiation on any inclined surface as the power or energy amount for individual days, months or the whole year. Percentages of the diffuse and direct radiation can also be determined. In addition, the tool makes it possible to visualise the heat transfer through an outer wall as a function of its material and the solar radiation.

Solar diagrams. In ClimateTool the course of solar radiation and the amount and type of irradiated solar energy can be analysed for individual days, months or for the whole year. Furthermore the development of temperature in outdoor walls can be represented dependening on their material properties and the intensity of solar radiation.




Mit „Solar“ kann der Verlauf der Solarstrahlung und die Höhe der eingestrahlten Energie für einzelne Tage, Monate oder das gesamte Jahr analysiert werden.
The solar diagrams illustrate the influence of orientation and inclination with regard to the amount and kind of solar radiation over the course of a year. They are an important and helpful factor in urban planning, in facade conception and in planning solar energy systems.