ClimateTool Version NEW 2016 (Full version for free)

Analyze any location worldwide

  • Annual and monthly analysis of temperature, radiation, humidity, wind, etc.
  • Solar radiation on any inclination and orientation
  • Heating, cooling and (de)humidifying degree days
  • Psychrometric chart
  • Shading and steady state energy balance for urban structures
  • World map analysis
  • Climate change
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Climate analysis for every location worldwide

Just tell us the location you would like to anlalyze

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Result examples of ClimateTool

Wall Performance

Steady-State Heat Conduction through a multilayer wall:

  • Thermal Loss
  • Emission and Absorption of Solar Radiation
  • U-Values
  • Annual Calculation
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Convection

Improved shading surface

New: Complex building structures


  • Inner walls
  • Air change rate

Energy balance for buildings

Photovoltaic system / Solar collector / Wind energy

Solar Energy with consideration of:

  • Energy demand
  • PV efficiency factor
  • Cooling- and heating power
  • Heat pump
  • u-value

Energy concepts

Potentials of:

  • Natural ventilation
  • Night cooling
  • Surface cooling
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Solar heating
  • Solar cooling

Self-running PowerPoint presentation

  • Get a PowerPoint presentation of any location worldwide
  • Export vector graphics (.eps) automatically

Climate Change

  • Different CMIP5 Experiments RCP26 / RCP45 / RCP85
  • Different Time Periods 2020 - 2100
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Radiation

Transient Heat Conduction through Building Wall

ClimateTool enables the following

  • Climate analysis for any location worldwide
  • Analysis of local weather data as well as user specific weather data, climate data based on a global database, courses over a year, a month or a single day, percentage comparisons
  • Future scenarios, climate change, CIMP5 experiments, RCP: 2.6 4.5 8.5, experimnets up to 2100
  • Existing variables: temperature, relative and absolute humidity, dew point temperature, dry bulb temperature, azimuth, sun position diagram, path of the sun, altitude of height, global solar radiation, direct solar radiation, diffuse solar radiation, wind direction, wind speed, direct and diffuse day lighting, day lighting factor, cloudiness, rainfall, precipitation, air pressure
  • Calculation of global, direct and diffuse solar radiation on any oriented and inclined surfaces
  • Analysis for comparisons, minima and maxima values, average values, wind roses, compass roses, cooling and heating degree days, dehumidification and humidification degree days
  • Shading analysis for buildings considering outdoor air temperature, surface temperatures, orientation, energy income, heating up, for a monthly and annual calculation, solar radiation on surfaces (pre estimation for photovoltaic, solar collectors and solar energy technologies)
  • World maps: global overview with more than 14,000 locations comparison for all variables, analysis of future scenarios like temperature, humidity, solar radiation in terms of climate change
  • Graphical analysis for presentations, calculations and competitions, individual colors and graphic design
  • Climate analysis with local weather data


User Guide

Windows 7/8/10 (362MB)

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Demo Version: Fully functional software with two locations


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