Detailed climate analysis provides the basis for sustainable architecture. ClimateTool alows the analysis of the climate relevant aspects in planning, namely temperature, humidity, solar radiation, light and wind and the presentation of results in performance tables for any given location on earth. The analysis shows the challenges and potentials of each location worldwide as well as the relevance of the individual climate elements. 

ClimateTool also allows any site to be allocated to a building specific climate zone and appropriate measures for a comfortable room climate to be planned. World maps using and combining the necessary parameters show differences in climate caused by geographical specifics like height or proximity to the sea. 

ClimateTool analyses are supplied with data from the global climate database Meteonorm. The following pages and diagrams show the possibilities of climate analysis using ClimateTool. Further, more detailled examinations are available on request.


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ClimateTool Version 2016